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Online Timer

The Online Timer, often likened to an egg timer due to its simple mechanism, is a handy tool. This digital countdown timer alerts users when the set interval has concluded. It's as easy as setting the time, selecting your preferred alarm sound, and letting the Timer do the work.

The online Timer is perfect for cooking, exercising, studying, or any activity that requires a fixed time interval. The Timer ensures a precise countdown, eliminating any chance of forgetfulness or distraction. 

The Online Egg Timer is a practical tool for those who value efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity. Whether cooking the perfect boiled egg, burning calories with high-intensity interval training, or studying for an important exam, this Timer is your best companion. 

Timer Features

The Timer allows users to set a specific time and select a finishing sound. It is a digital timer that aims to provide versatility, reliability, and punctuality. The Timer has customizable font and background options and a full-screen mode feature. Furthermore, the Timer settings are automatically saved and will continue to work in the background if the user reloads the website page.

However, if the user closes the browser or webpage tab or the computer goes into sleep mode, notifications for the Timer will not be received. Therefore, keeping the website open and ensuring the computer is active to receive Timer notifications is recommended.

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