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Welcome to 2Time.Info!

My name is Denys Sokolov, and I am the owner of Logic.Cool, and I am thrilled to introduce my new project, 2Time.Info. This website offers a collection of free timer tools and converters that are useful for everyday activities. I have gathered the most in-demand converters and timers to make your life easier.

As someone who loves sports, I have paid particular attention to sports timers. I hope that they will be helpful to you in your training. I am always open to dialogue and welcome any suggestions you might have to improve my project. 


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  • Email: [email protected]
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  • Tel.: +380637228300 (WhatsApp)
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Denys Sokolov
Hi Everyone. I'm Denys Sokolov am owner of Logic.Cool, a developer of Online Timers & Time Tools project and other online applications and mobile games. Please write me with any suggestions for improving the project.